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Being accused of a crime can be scary and confusing and we understand you probably have lots of questions. Below are various free criminal defense resources made available by the lawyers at Big River Trial Attorneys. If you are dealing with a Louisiana criminal case, the Baton Rouge law firm of Big River Trial Attorneys would like you to have free information that can help you understand the process and answer some of the questions you may have. These free resources are being provided by the criminal defense attorneys at Big River Trial Attorneys but are not intended as legal advice or as a substitution for a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. We are not a free legal service. But we can offer you a free telephone consultation to discuss your case and the options you may have. Click here to contact us about scheduling your consultation.

This article discussed the deadlines that apply to criminal cases in Louisiana. It answers questions such as how does the state have to arraign someone, when will a bond be set, and what happens if the state misses a deadline.
This article talks about the different steps in a criminal case in Louisiana. It explains topics such as what happens at arraignment, what is a status conference, and when a case will go to trial.
This video talks about what to expect at your first court appearance in a Louisiana criminal case.
This video talks about when a bond will be set and how courts determine how much a bond will be.
This article discusses the possible sentences for a domestic violence charge in Louisiana.
This video discusses the four different types of robbery charges in Louisiana, the possible enhancement when a gun is involved, and the sentences for each.
This article talks about when a domestic violence charge will be a misdemeanor and when it will be a felony. It also talks about the sentence ranges.
This article talks about when a charge of driving while intoxicated will be a felony and when it will be a misdemeanor. The article also discusses sentence ranges.
A bench warrant gets issued when someone misses a court date. This article talks about the circumstances that cause a warrant to be issued and how to get a warrant cleared.
The use of body camera has really changed the landscape in criminal defense. However, there are restrictions on when the body camera has to be produced.
Eye witness identification is notoriously unreliable. But courts, prosecutors, and even defense attorneys still continue to rely on it. This article talks about what is admissible and what should be excluded.